This is the production company of Bram Stout, located in The Netherlands and specialising in creating Visual Effects and Computer Animations.

Bram Stout has over 6 years of experience, ranging from animating, lighting, effects and compositing to developing tools, workflows and consulting about VFX and CGI.

Visual Effects & Computer Animations

Using VFX, I can help you craft your images. From the little things like removing unwanted objects and changing signs, to large things like CGI characters and set extensions. With VFX, a lot of things become possible.

Especially in current times, animation can be a great way of telling stories, since it can be done fully remotely. If you are a production company, that has never done animation before, I can guide you through the process and produce it with you.

Minecraft Animations

Animations based on the game are still very popular. Having worked with some of the biggest creators in the Minecraft animation space for 6+ years, I know what it takes to bring the game to life.


If you are curious about hiring me or just want to ask any question, feel free to contact me:


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