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Visual effects (VFX) is one of last stages in production. It is the manipulation of the image after it has been captured. Sometimes certain things cannot be achieved on set, are too dangerous, too expensive or maybe the time is just not there. In these cases, visual effects can be a very useful tool. While there are various software packages available to do visual effects, I use After Effects and Autodesk Maya. Under visual effects, there are multiple services that I offer, such as;


Compositing is combining different elements and layers to form a whole. Replacing a green screen with a background, adding a muzzle flash, fire or an explosion, integrating CG elements and alike are examples of compositing.

General image manipulation

General image manipulation is any manipulation to an image. Fixing an actor’s make up mistakes, skin defects, object removal/replacement from scenes, smoke, day/night conversion and alike are examples of image manipulation.

Set extensions

Set extensions extend or append to existing sets in order to make a set better fit the story. Adding buildings, trees, mountains in the background, extending the landscape and alike are examples of set extension.


There could be a high possibility that you would like something that is not described here. You may always contact me to query me about whether I would be able to do that.


I always reserve the right to decline and I always work through a contract. Payments are done through bank transfers or PayPal, preferably bank transfers. In order to provide an estimate pricing, I must have sufficient information about the task.
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