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I am able to create websites. I created this one, and I have created a few for other people. Websites are useful for sharing information and providing services. They give you something to direct people to and allows other people to find you. Creating websites, one time maintenance of an existing website, guidance with maintaining existing websites and alike are examples of things I offer.

Scripts and plugins for Autodesk Maya

Some things are not possible to be done with what current software packages provide. Scripts and plugins can extend the functionality of the software package, allowing you to do things that were not possible or very tedious before. I am able to create these scripts and plugins for the software package called Autodesk Maya. Custom deformers, tools, batch procedures and alike are examples of scripts and plugins.


There could be a high possibility that you would like something that is not described here. You may always contact me to query me about whether I would be able to do that.


I always reserve the right to decline and I always work through a contract. Payments are done through bank transfers or PayPal, preferably bank transfers. In order to provide an estimate pricing, I must have sufficient information about the task.
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