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Computer animation, also known as 3D animation, are animations that live in three dimensions and are not drawn. While there are various software packages available to do animation, I use Autodesk Maya and After Effects. Under animation, there are multiple services that I offer, such as;


In computer animation nothing comes for free, especially lighting. Lighting adds mood to the image and it can direct the eyes towards the subject. Without lighting, things look flat and uninteresting. With lighting, you can show all the little details and draw in the viewer. Adding lights, shading, volumetrics, effects, compositing it all together and alike are examples that would fall under lighting.


Characters are just models consisting out of three dimensional polygons. However, before an animator can bring the character to life, the character needs to be rigged. A rigger adds controllers to the model, so that the animators can animate more efficiently and do not have to move around the polygons manually. Adding the deformers, controllers, connecting the controllers to the deformers and alike are examples of rigging.

Character animation

Characters do not move on their own, they need to be animated by animators. A good performance from the characters could make a scene, while a bad performance could break it. Animating characters, props and alike are examples of character animation.

Minecraft animations

I have a history of making animations based on the popular game Minecraft. I have developed tools to help me make these animations. I create my own assets and rigs. I have done lighting, effects, rigging and miscellaneous stuff for other people. Compared to most other people making Minecraft animations, I am able to provide a high quality product. Creating the characters, sets and props, animating, simulating, lighting, compositing, editing and sound editing everything in the animation are examples of what I would be able to do when making a Minecraft animation.

Scripts and plugins

Some things are not possible to be done with what current software packages provide. Scripts and plugins can extend the functionality of the software package, allowing you to do things that were not possible or very tedious before. I am able to create these scripts and plugins for the software package called Autodesk Maya. Custom deformers, tools, batch procedures and alike are examples of scripts and plugins.


There could be a high possibility that you would like something that is not described here. You may always contact me to query me about whether I would be able to do that.


I always reserve the right to decline and I always work through a contract. Payments are done through bank transfers or PayPal, preferably bank transfers. In order to provide an estimate pricing, I must have sufficient information about the task.
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